New Perspectives.


Time away from home has a price. Unpacking, mounds of washing, piles of post, to name a few. Mundane and tedious stuff. But the real gain, I find, is that I always bring back a new perspective. I look at my life and home with a slightly different eye – well at least for a while. All influenced by what I have seen or done over the time that I have been away. Some of the biggest decisions in my life have occurred as a result of a week or weekend away; moving house, starting a family, getting a dog (twice!). This weekend away has been no exception. The world is bigger, brighter and more exciting as a result of my time away in a big city, spent in good company. I have found a bit of me again. I wasn’t Mum, teacher, wife for a few hours. I was me. Back to those roles now but with renewed vigour. So I recommend a break away from your life and responsibilities for a while. It is worth the price of the build up of mundane and tedious tasks. Any life changing decisions? Well we’ll see….